DecidED: College Affordability Tool for Students

DecidED: College Affordability Tool for Students

One of the most memorable events in a student’s life is receiving their college acceptance letter in their portal, or mailbox. In those letters, you receive your well-deserved congratulations, your welcome package, and your financial aid package. This letter now determines where you will be going for the next four years of your life. 

One of the biggest deciding factors for college students is the financial aid award letter that comes in that envelope. A financial aid letter determines how much grant money the college/university is willing to offer you, how much you will pay out of pocket, and how much you will possibly have to take out in loans. When applying to more than one school, this information can get lost, misinterpreted, and confusing. 

DecidED makes this process a bit easier for students! With this tool, you can create your own account, add schools, and start comparing fit factors and any financial aid packages you’ve received. In addition, you can also get how-to guides from everything on loans to budgeting for indirect college expenses. 

All you have to do is head over to DecidED to create and use your DecidED account.

Watch their demo Introducing DecidED: Moneythink’s college affordability tool for students and congrats on getting accepted! 

If you are an academic advisor and want to help your students choose a high-quality, affordable college head over to their advisor page for resources!