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We bring attention to the issues students need addressed and propose

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We are a student-led virtual community and online hub that supports underrepresented students through college completion, early adulthood and career planning.

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Find resources to help you in your college journey. These resources are compiled by current college students to aid you on the way to a degree. Check back regularly as these will be updated and stay connected by signing up for our newsletter or following us on social media to be in the know of the latest resources.

Here are 3 keys to unlock a successful career! 📚🔑 We are here to guide you the process and aid you in landing that job!

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Help us improve college affordability in CA by sharing YOUR STORY! Our Changemakers student advocacy fellows will be sharing survey results with policymakers and advocating for more financial aid to cover non-tuition costs❗❗❗📢📢📢⁠

Take the survey by going to our link in bio⁠

#studentadvocacy #financialaid #collegeaffordability

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Meet Marcos Montes, the program manager here at Let’s Go to College CA! Marcos helped launch Let’s Go in an effort to aid students during the pandemic, we wouldn’t be able to offer so many online resources without him! 👏🏽🙌🏽💙 #StudentsCAN #CalStateLA #FirstGen #FirstGenGrad #CollegeSuccess ...

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