Looking to enroll or re-enroll into college after taking a pause on your education?

Our LA College Comeback Campaign will help hundreds of students come back to college and continue to close the economic inequality gap in Los Angeles County.

Fill out the Interest form and one of our navigators will be in touch to schedule a 1:1 virtual meeting with you for FREE.  

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Ready to start your own college comeback journey? Returning to school is a bold step towards a brighter future. Believe in yourself, and let’s make this journey together. 📚✨⁠

Connect with our Comeback Navigators for personalized 1:1 sessions! They helped so many students make their comeback to these universities, and you can be the next!🌟⁠

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It’s not too late to fill out your financial aid application and find the college that’s right for you. 🎓️💰️⁠ If you plan on attending a Community College, you have until September 3rd to apply for Fin Aid. You also still have time to submit and appeal if you were impacted by FAFSA glitches!!

Connect with us if you need support!

#DotheFAFSA now at fafsa.gov⁠

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❤️🌎❤️Celebrating the rich tapestry of cultures, stories, and dreams that make our nation stronger. Today and everyday we honour the diverse journeys of immigrant college students who bring unique perspectives, resilience, and dreams to college campuses. ⁠

Happy Immigrant Heritage Month! 🌎❤️ ⁠

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You don’t need to go into debt to get an education.🏫💰️⁠

Let the California Student Aid Commission help you!💰️🏫💰️⁠

It all starts here: https://www.csac.ca.gov/⁠

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If you are wondering if you should return back to college this summer or fall, this is your sign! ✨📚We can help you make your comeback ‼️You don’t have to figure it out alone. Link in our bio to make an appointment with a Comeback Navigator. 👀📚

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Discover the universities where our resilient comeback students have secured enrollment! 🎓✨ And remember, these are just a handful of our inspiring success stories! ⁠

If you're ready to embark on your college comeback journey, reach out to our Comeback Navigators for personalized 1:1 sessions! 🌟⁠

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