Alejandro Haro

Pronouns: He/him/His

Languages: English & Spanish

College Attended: University of California, Los Angeles

Major): History & Chicano/a and Central American Studies


After barely graduating high school, I enrolled in community college but was removed due to non-attendance, leading to self-doubt about my potential as a student. I then worked full-time in my dad’s gardening business for a year until I recognized the importance of attaining a college education. During this time, a friend introduced me to Chicano/a Studies, sparking my interest. In the following academic year, I enrolled in the course which reignited my passion, and successfully transferred and graduated from UCLA, driven by my newfound passion for Chicano/a Studies and History.

Your role in one sentence..

 My role as a comeback navigator is to assist students entering or reentering higher education and use my own experience navigating higher education to help give back.


When you are not advising students to help them resume their education I am..

Watching soccer or listening to and producing music.