College Resources

Find resources to help you in your college journey. Being a college is difficult and many of you are first-gen or face other challenges and barriers. These resources are compiled by current college students to aid you on the way to a degree. Check back regularly as these will be updated and stay connected by signing up for our newsletter or following us on social media to be in the know of the latest resources.

Applying To College

Learn more about the application process and applying to colleges.

Paying For College

Learn more about the financial aid process, loans, and grants for college.

Online Learning

Succeed with habits and tools required for online distance learning.

Mental Health & Self Care

Mental health and self-care are essential to a successful college experience.

Give it up for our Let's Go Basic Needs Fellows🥳 These incredible advocates are very committed and passionate to address student basic needs and want to make sure that no student is affected by basic needs issues. Our fellows will advocate for change, raise awareness of resources available to students, and educate decision-makers and the general public about the student basic needs crisis.

In the comments let us know your thoughts about basic needs or what you think our fellows should prioritize during the fellowship ⬇⬇⬇ #basicneeds #csu #ccc #uc #california #colleges