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The reality of studying in a loud hispanic household full of different characters.😅That’s also the sound of a hardworking mom who got me to where I am today!🫶

Who else can relate? 🫣Let us know in the comments!👇🏼😬

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🎓🌟 Don’t give up this semester, students! 💪📚 Embrace the challenges, conquer your goals, and shine bright! ✨🌈 #NeverGiveUp #StayMotivated #StudentLife #SemesterGoals #SuccessAhead #KeepPushing #YouCanDoIt #RiseAndGrind #BelieveInYourself #DreamBig ...

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🎉 We are launching a new campaign in LA County to reengage students back to a higher education! LA County residents can now schedule an appointment with a Comeback Navigator if they need support to re-enroll, or enroll for the first time to get that college education!⁠ 🎓 Link in bio!⁠

Please tag or share this post with friends who could benefit and reignite their higher education journey! 🎓⁠


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