IE Job Opportunities

IE Job Opportunities

Summer is here! ☀️ Don’t miss out on these internships & part time opportunities in the Inland Empire!💰

1. Summer Intern@ Kaiser Permanente

  • $15.00 – $20.76/HR
  • Part-time, Temporary, Internship
  • Primary Location: Riverside

2. STUDENT INTERNSHIP with various departments (Intern Pool)

  • Salary: $15.00 – $21.23 Hourly
  • Location: Throughout Riverside County
  • Job Number: 23-13896-04T
  • Department: Human Resources

3. Circle K

Summer Internships – Part-time
Pay: $20
Location: Corona

4. Kaiser
Pharmacy Internship
Location: Moreno Valley
Pay: $26.34 – $34.05

5. Walgreens
Distribution Center Intern
Location: Moreno Valley
Pay: $16.49 and $24.81

6. Cal- SOAP Programs (Summer/Fall PT Student positions must be Financial Aid eligible) 

Riverside: College Success Coach, CalSOAP (California Student Opportunity and Access Program) – College and Career Readiness/Educational Services at Riverside County Office of Education | EDJOIN 

Pay: $17.00 per hour Pre-Bachelor’s Degree; $20.00 per hour Post-Bachelor’s Degree

7. San Bernardino:    

Student Success Coaches are responsible for conducting college and career readiness workshops, assisting students with developing college and career plans, and supporting completion of financial aid and college applications. *Specialized positions to support foster youth and youth experiencing homelessness available as well! 

How To Land an Internship as a College Student

How To Land an Internship as a College Student

Did you guys know that internship experiences definitely spice up your resume, leading to an increased chance towards a job offer? According to FinancesOnline, “57.5% of students who experienced internship and 43.5% of graduating students without internship exposure got a job offer” (College Recruiter, 2019). Well, having previous internship experience has various types of benefits, including but not limited to, being able to land a job faster than those who do not and kickstarting your professional resume. So how does one even land an internship as a college student, you may ask. That’s why we, the Let’s Go to College Team are here to help! 

Here are some platforms you can use to secure an internship opportunity: 

Handshake- Handshake is one powerful platform that is beneficial to college students looking for an internship, jobs, work-study, or other jobs on campus. Handshake is great at its customization and curation towards your school and your own personalized experiences. For example, it tailors job recommendations, and notifications based on your needs and preferences within the platform. Handshake is great at aligning jobs and internships that best fit your career goals and interests. 

LinkedIn LinkedIn has job boards that allow you to find internships based on your preferences towards things such as location, industry, and preferred duration. As LinkedIn is a very professional webpage, it allows you to stay updated on job and internship postings regarding desired companies. LinkedIn allows students to connect with potential employers and professionals within their desired field, proving their platform to leverage their network, leading us towards another important way to gain internships: career fairs. 

Career Fairs Let’s talk about Career Fairs! Most commonly known as job fairs, career fairs are when recruiters, employers, and other schools come and display themselves for potential employees. In the higher education industry, schools provide a career fair to help students explore opportunities for their future by introducing the several career options out there.

Here are some tips and tricks from the Let’s Go Team: 

  1. Research the organization

Identify the top 3-5 companies you are interested in, but remember to be open to different companies you may not have heard of because they may be a startup or business-to-business organization that doesn’t directly serve consumers.

Do your research by reviewing company websites. Look for their mission, values, location, and the type of available opportunities (e.g., internships, full-time positions, etc.). Company representatives are impressed by potential candidates who take the time to do this! 

  1. Prepare your introduction and questions

Reflect on what it is about each company that resonates with you. Perhaps it’s the specific technology they’re developing, the research they’re leading, or the world problem they’re trying to solve. What relevant experiences do you have? How can you be of service to that organization? Exercise critical thinking skills to develop questions to ask recruiters and hiring managers. From these questions, you may even use them to practice and develop your interview answers. 

  1. Dress to impress!

Be professional, and wear professional clothes to impress your potential employer! Each industry and each company has different work attire expectations and organizational culture. Do your research, and ask mentors in advance for any other advice! 

It is important for you to start your search early and apply to multiple internships to increase your chances of securing one. You should also tailor your resumes and cover letters to match the specific requirements of each internship and prepare for interviews to make a positive impression on potential employers. We wish you the best of luck in landing an internship!