Anti-Asian hate has been a persistent issue going back to when the Covid-19 pandemic began where the previous presidential administration partially and falsely blamed the Asian community. Eventually, escalating to the repeated attacks on the Asian community leading to one of the most recent shootings in Atlanta that left 8 people dead amid the rise of hate crime against Asian Americans. Social media platforms and news outlets have brought a highlight to this struggle by remembering the unfortunate lives that have been lost but also bringing a call to action on issues that have been long ignored. 

 Since March of 2020, over 3,800 cases of Anti-Asian hate have been reported. Although there have been fewer reports in cities like Chicago some claim that it might be due to other factors like a language barrier or immigration status. However, it is important to understand that these acts of hate crime are never justifiable and come with consequences. Reporting a hate crime should not be ignored because it could help prevent similar or worse encounters in the Asian community that we have seen.  

We understand that during these times of uncertainty, mental health can be a problem and it’s important to know where to find help or resources that can help you or your loved ones. Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders (AAPI) mental health experts have shared the following mental health resources specifically for Asian American communities designed to help those who may need a way to cope. If you feel anxious, overwhelmed, or fearful feel free to check these mental health resources or share them with anyone that might find them useful. 


  • COVID-19: Reducing Stigma
    • Check out this video on how to reduce stigma. This video is part of the Asian American Mental Initiative COVID-19 and Mental Health video series. Stigma and discrimination can occur when people link with a particular group, which can create fear or anger to these people. The purpose of this video is to bring awareness of these situations and provide useful resources. 
  • Asian American Psychological Association 
    • Focuses on using research, education, policy, and professional practice to advance the mental health and well-being of Asian communities. Also provides fact sheets on Asian mental health concerns, anti-bullying information, and Asian American LGBTQ resources.