Interview Preparation is Critical to Success! You may have a perfect educational background and impressive extracurricular achievements, but you still need a strong performance in your interview. 

If you’re in college and you’re looking to ace an interview for your first job, internship or maybe a work-study opportunity, stick around!

Tip 1) Do the research 

  • Researching is a vital part of the interview process. It allows you to connect your skills and experiences with the goals of the company. And when you’re researching, you’re going to want to check multiple sources. 
    • Indeed company pages are really good if you’re looking to check out reviews from current and former employers. If you’re interested in finding Indeed company reviews, you can check out a link right here. You can also see posts about what the interview process is really like! 
  • During the interview, show off all of the research that you’ve done by recalling the details that align with your personal goals.
  • Using your personal connections is a smart way to find honest points of views about what it’s really like to work at a company.


Tip 2) Make a Good Impression 

  • In terms of attire: Look at the company website for indications for how their employees are dressing. A really good practice is to dress business casual at a bare minimum. If you’re not sure what business casual looks like, be sure to check out this video right here. 
  • Be on time: If you’re interviewing by video, be sure to test your microphone, your audio, your camera, and even check your internet connection the day before or hours before your interview. 
    • If you’re interviewing on-site, be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes early. 
      • Bonus tip! 
        • Note that the interview can start at the moment that you arrive. So be friendly to any receptionist that you talk to, or smile at the people that you meet while you’re waiting to be called. 


Tip 3) Know how to answer interview questions 

  • Be able to nail the “Tell me about yourself” question that briefly explains where you are in your career and where you’re looking to go.
  • When answering behavioral questions like “Tell me about a time when” use the STAR method.
    • STAR stands for situation, task, action, result. This format sets you up to tell a complete, coherent story, but also, get to the point quickly. Watch this video for examples of responses using the STAR method. 
  • If at any point in the interview you find yourself at a loss for words, simply say, “That’s a really good question. Let me think about that for a moment” 


Tip 4) Draw from all of your experiences 

  • It does not only have to be from full, paid time, professional work. Discuss your experiences from clubs or student organizations you are involved in. 
    • Choose stories that highlight your teamwork, collaboration, and leadership. 


Tip 5) Ask thoughtful questions

  • It is smart to come prepared with two or three questions that you could ask that will help you gain a better understanding of the role or the company. 
    • In addition to taking the time to learn more about the company, asking questions allows you to clarify any gray areas you have about whether or not the role or the company could be a good fit for you.

These will show your interviewer that you’re confident, prepared and ready for the role!

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We wish you the best of luck! 

– The Let’s Go Team