For many of us, practicing mindfulness can often be as elusive as finding the end of the rainbow or any magical creature. Practicing mindfulness can take on many forms. 

So what is mindfulness? 

Mindfulness is defined as a mental state of awareness or being in the present moment. Practicing mindfulness can be as simple as bringing attention to one’s breath or meditating. Other forms of practicing mindfulness may include taking a walk free from distractions, from our phone, or other forms of technology. At the heart of mindfulness is focusing on one single thing at a time. Anything that assists you with concentrating on the task at hand can be considered a way of practicing mindfulness. Now that we’ve defined mindfulness let’s look at how we can practice mindfulness in a modern world full of distractions.

How to practice mindfulness

  • Take a break from technology 
    • Don’t check your phone first thing in the morning. 
    • Instead, read a book, journal, make a list, or stretch. 
    • Eliminating electronics at the beginning of the day can reduce anxiety, stress, and worry. 
    • At night, avoiding electronics a few hours before going to bed can help us sleep better and wake up more rested. 
  • Go outdoors 
    • Go for a walk and leave your phone at home. 
    • By doing this, you remain present while being active. 
    • Look for new things on your path, pay attention to flowers, clouds, trees, or birds.

Noticing the changing of the seasons in nature is a great way to stay in the present. 

  • Focus on doing only one thing at a time. 
    • If you’re eating or cooking, turn off the television, podcasts, radio, etc. 
    • If you’re ready to take mindfulness head-on, take a yoga class or practice a breathing technique. 
      • Incorporating regular mindfulness practices into our daily lives can be a life-long journey. 

Take your time and enjoy the process.