Community college (CC) is an excellent choice for continuing your education! There are tons of benefits that make attending a CC a viable option. Below are some common questions about community college.  

Q: Who can apply to community college?

A: Anyone with a high school degree or equivalent (i.e., a GED) can apply to community college. That is the only requirement besides being able to pay for your classes, which may be free. No extra-curricular activities, volunteer experience, high school grades or anything extra is needed for your admission. As long as you have that diploma, you’re in!

Q: When can I apply to community college?

A: Whenever! Literally, whenever feels right for you. Before the beginning of every semester, community colleges will accept applications for priority enrollment. Besides a priority deadline, however, most community colleges take applications on a rolling-basis. This means there are no deadlines that truly restrict you from joining. You can join in the middle of an academic year, such as spring semester, instead of having to wait for the beginning of a new academic year in the fall. Check out the community college you’re interested in attending for any important dates to be aware of.

Q: Where can I go to community college?

A: Anywhere in California! California community colleges are open to all California residents. You don’t even have to live in the same county that a CC is in; however, you should choose a CC based on what will benefit you most. For example, you may be interested in attending a CC close to home so that your commute is short; maybe you want to attend a CC with a pool because you want to try swimming as a sport. There are 116 community colleges in California to pick from. Visit this website to help you narrow your choices! 

Q: I’m ready to go to community college, what are my next steps?

A: Congratulations on your decision! Follow these steps:

  • Pick a community college you wish to attend.
  • Visit the community college website to see their application materials.
  • Submit your application.
  • Meet with a counselor to ensure you’re enrolled in the right courses.
  • Start school!