Scholarships for Undocumented College Students

Scholarships for Undocumented College Students

Paying for college is expensive as is, but even more challenging when you are an undocumented student. Even though the undocumented community is not eligible for government-issued financial aid assistance, there are still various resources available including scholarships. Scholarships are ideal for all students because it is money that does not have to be paid back and awarded to students on their own merit. Below are just a few opportunities available to high school students looking for financial assistance to college. 

A great resource when researching scholarships for undocumented students is the Immigrants Rising non-profit. They aim to provide a safe space for resources for undocumented students. A great scholarship serving students from the Los Angeles area is The Andres y Maria Cardenas Family Foundation Scholarship they are awarding students up to $3,000 to be eligible students must be under AB 540. Another scholarship offered to Angelinos is the SALEF Scholarship Fund to Salvadoran or Latinx students who attend high school within the city of Los Angeles, and students are eligible for up to $2,000.

Yet another great resource when researching scholarships for undocumented students is the website which offers a variety of different scholarships. The scholarships found on the page are so diverse there is an opportunity waiting for every student. Some scholarships include the PepsiCo Cesar Chavez Latino Scholarship which encompasses Hispanic students who are looking to pursue higher education in the Arizona and California Central Valley. Another scholarship is the California Hispanic Education Endowment Fund with an award of 2,500. This scholarship is awarded to high school students from the Orange County area looking to pursue higher education. Students must be under the Dream Act/ SB540 act. 

Students can also turn to the get schooled website which has over 50 scholarships for DACA students. Some of those scholarships include The Dream US Opportunity Scholarship for first-time college students offering up to $80,000 for student expenses. Another scholarship available is The Dream US National Scholarship which is open to both high school students and community college graduates. Students can be awarded up to $14,500 for an associate’s degree and $29,000 for those pursuing a bachelor’s degree. The Mexican-American Dream Scholarship is a scholarship offered to immigrant students or children of immigrants and Dream Act/AB 540 recipients looking to pursue higher education. 

Students should never feel discouraged about applying for college because of financial restraints. Students should not let their citizen status determine their ability to pay for college. The Let’s Go Team is here to guide and provide resources to students to help aid them throughout their college experience. 

Everything You Need To Know About Applying For The 2022-2023 CA Dream Act

Everything You Need To Know About Applying For The 2022-2023 CA Dream Act

NORTHRIDGE, CA- The California Dream Act was enacted in July 2011. Its purpose is to serve the undocumented community. It is meant to aid those ineligible for the Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA). Thanks to the Dream Act, undocumented students no longer have to put higher education in limbo because of financial restraints. The application process could be a difficult journey but with the right resources and guidance, undocumented students can successfully apply to their dream school.

When applying to college there are various outlets of financial assistance one can seek. For undocumented students, however, the search for financial aid looks a little bit different. Eligibility and financial requirements when filling out the Dream Act can be verified through the Immigrants Rising website

The application for the Dream Act can be found on the CADAA website. Changes to the application are made every year so it is important to actively keep up with the most recent modifications. Among those changes are an updated user-friendly website and mobile look. The new application takes after FAFSA’s simplistic look Student’s can refer to — for updates on the application on @CAstudentaid

Laws supporting the undocumented community include AB540, SB68. AB540 is a California law enacted in 2001 intended to allow eligible students to pay in-state tuition at community colleges, California State Universities (CSU’s), and Universities of California (UC’s).  

SB 68 is an expansion of AB540. SB68 allows students to count their years in a community college or adult school and have them count towards their eligibility requirements for AB540. Requirements can be verified through the Immigrants Rising Quick Guide to SB68

There are various financial aid resources available to the undocumented community in addition to the Dream Act like scholarships and grants! California students can turn to Cal Grants for extra financial aid. Eligible students can apply for a Cal Grant through the CA Dream Act. For more details visit Immigrants Rising checklist for the CA Dream Act and Cal Grant

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