Chrome Extensions You Need for College!

Chrome Extensions You Need for College!


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Inspired by @envikatonya’s viral Tiktok video sharing her favorite chrome extensions to use for online learning, we have gathered other extensions that can be useful for you as a college student! These extensions vary from cite machines, studying timers, online highlighters and notetaking, and more. Check them out and download them to get the most out of your Google Chrome experience.

Essay Writing

One Tab: Puts all open tabs into one 

Workona: Separate tabs into different folders and saved for the next time you need them

Weava: separates tabs into different workspace and all tabs you need are ready, rest are saved  

Zotero/MyBib:  citing your sources

Grammarly: spelling and grammar check


PodCastle: converts website into realistic podcasts for when you have to read longer articles 

Pomodoro Timer: timer to keep track of your studying 

Picture-by-Picture: video watching while on another tab

OneLine: highlights one line of text making it easier for folks w/ dyslexia, ADHD

Night Shift Redux: changes the color of webpages to restrict eye-straining


Coffeeling: daily mood tracker