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This Fall semester, most colleges have chosen to continue with remote instruction due to COVID-19. Each campus has made their individual fall plans, check here for the latest news on your campus. Distanced learning was something new to most of us during the Spring semester and it is something we will continue experiencing throughout the Fall semester. Whether you are a first-year college student or a rising senior, below are some distance-learning tips that can be useful for you this upcoming school year.

  1. Online Resources 
    • While you should aim to stay connected with your on-campus resources, there is also an abundance of online resources for additional tutoring. Here are options for additional learning and proofreading your essays!
      • Quizlet helps understanding several subjects. If you study well with flashcards, check this resource.
      • Grammarly is a downloadable extension that helps proofread your essays and emails.
      • Writing essays is a huge part of your college experience. Learn how to cite properly using websites such as Zotero, Cite Machine, or EasyBib
      • Prepare for Online Learning by visiting this resource page for community college students
  2. Stay Connected
    • Communication with Professors: Communicating with your professors early on is important in building relationships with them and letting them know about your interests, concerns, or questions. Especially if you are interested in receiving a letter of recommendation from them.
    • Communication with Students: Meeting your classmates digitally may be difficult this time around, but you can always create a group chat and stay connected.
      • Create a Slack workspace for your class to connect with your classmates:
          • Create an account, download the app on your phone or continue on your web browser.
  3. Create a Campus Atmosphere 
    • Creating a space in your home to keep you focused on your studies is the best thing to do. This may be difficult because of the limited space there may be available. Below are some tips to help
      • Stay off your bed and find a table and chair and study there.
      • Talk to the people that you live with about your Zoom class schedule and create boundaries so that they respect your learning process.
  4. Studying Schedule 
  5. Motivation  
    • Tuning into Zoom lectures can be unmotivating, but try to be present during these lectures so that you do not fall behind!
      • Take notes
      • Reflect
      • Write down your goals
      • Keep a journal