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Elizabeth Guevara

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Languages: English, Spanish, Beginners ASL

College Attended: Cal State University Dominguez Hills 

Major): Human Services


Following high school, I began my college journey at MSMU. During my sophomore year, I unexpectedly faced homelessness, leading me to drop out of college completely my junior year. Prioritizing my basic needs, I remained in the workforce for a few years before deciding to finally complete my degree. I attended ELAC, transferred into CSUDH, and after almost 10 years of navigating different barriers, finally earned my bachelor’s degree! 

Your role in one sentence..

I support students in navigating higher education by providing clarity, understanding, and peace of mind through their college enrollment process. 


When you are not advising students to help them resume their education you are..

 Appreciating scenic views, painting, or immersing myself in music.